Services We Offer

Biopharma is licensed to promote and distribute, within Mauritania This enables us to import, supply, store and distribute all types of medical products, including; branded, generic and biologicals. We have strong ties with many local and international pharmaceutical distributors, manufacturers and full-line wholesalers.


We are a company established in Mauritania which holds an import authorization which allows the importation of pharmaceutical products from our partners (manufacturers and wholesalers) around the world.


With Our state of art system covering the four corners of the Mauritanian territory, we guarantee the delivery to your door in the shortest time possible where ever you are in the country.


As an established and well reputed company, we have built up an enviable customer base that includes; pharmacies, dental surgeries, Ministries of Health, public and private sector hospitals, clinics and healthcare authorities.


We are committed to maintaining product quality and the integrity of their supply chain. Ensure that other pharmaceutical companies, whose products we in-source, are actively committed to these same principles.


Our crew of experts that include pharmacists, doctors, accredited pharmaceutical products marketing and sales agents will design the details of the best program that suite your product, make it indispensable for the market.


Compliance is a key element of Biopharma culture and stems from our core values. Establishing and following responsible and compliant actions is essential to the success of our business.